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Our virtual rehab programs get patients back to their lives, while ensuring their continued safety and support.

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Cardiac rehab gives people a greater chance of survival. Cardiac rehab participants are up to twice as likely to survive.1

Only 15% of qualifying Americans attend cardiac rehab. We’re transforming that reality and revolutionizing the way Americans access and experience healthcare.

Our flagship program, cardiac rehabilitation, has also been shown to:

  • Reduce mortality by over 45%
  • Reduce 90-day hospital readmissions by 30%
  • Save insurance plans over $10k per patient 2

1 2  Am J Med. Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Readmissions and Death After Acute Myocardial Infarction 2014 Jun; 127(6): 538–546

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We bring together technology, design and compassion

  • Our staff supervises patients as they exercise, making our program safe at scale.
  • We use cutting edge technology to ensure our patients perform exercises correctly.
  • All the best practices of in person rehab plus the latest in behavioral science make our programs extremely engaging.
Some of the benefits our patients can expect
Higher quality of life and improved mood
Reduced stress
Reduced stress
Weight loss
Higher energy levels
Weight loss
Stay out of the hospital
Improved exercise capacity
exercise capacity
Improved medication management
Complex regimens made simple
Improved medication management

Heart health journey

Our digital programs are tailored to each individual patient, helping them recover and build better habits for the future:

  • Live-monitoring from an experienced rehab professional to ensure safety.
  • Dedicated health coach for support and adherence.
  • An expert team of cardiologists and rehab specialists.
  • Studio grade, clinically validated exercise programming.
  • Personalized nutrition and stress management guidance.
  • Access to a community of people on a similar health journey.
How it works
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Our mission is to make life-saving rehab available to millions of heart and lung patients worldwide.

Rehab dramatically improves the health and recovery of those who suffer from cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. It is a tragedy that millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the world don’t access these therapies.

We’ve experienced the debilitating effects of chronic disease and seen the transformative effects of exercise based rehab on our own families. We are determined to give to all patients what we would want for our own loved ones.
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