About Carda Health

Our mission is to make proven, research-backed rehab accessible to millions of patients worldwide.
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of all Carda patients say they

feel significantly better after just 12 weeks

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3 out of the 4 biggest killers in the world are related to cardiovascular disease. Peer-reviewed research indicates that cardiac rehabilitation reduces cardiovascular deaths by nearly 45% and the risk of hospital admissions by 30%.

Too many qualified patients don’t participate in traditional Cardiac Rehab Programs

Even in the US, with the most advanced healthcare system in the world, fewer than 15% of qualifying patients access these life-saving therapies.

Who We Are

We are a team who has lived through chronic disease ourselves and seen the transformative effects of exercise based rehab on our own families.

We are scientists who conduct rigorous, peer-reviewed research and disseminate our findings widely.

We are clinicians who understand the value of new care delivery models and how transformational they can be for patient health.

We are mathematicians and data scientists who believe in harnessing data to improve existing therapies, and who understand that at scale we can do exponentially more good for the world.

We are macro optimists and micro pessimists who know that creating a better future is only ever found in sweating every minor detail.
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Carda is proud to treat patients from

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Our Vision

A world where any person who suffers from a life threatening chronic condition can access world class heart rehabilitation therapies and be given a new lease on life.

Our Core Values

We care for our members, we care for each other and we care for ourselves.
We think about problems from 1st principles and constantly test our hypotheses.
The only moat is continuous execution and we obsess over that every day.
We admit when we are wrong. We check our egos and get to the right answer.
We provide world class service to our patients and love doing so

Frequently Asked Questions

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Life-Changing Results for Carda Patients

Paul, 65
Current program
after 6 weeks
This weekend I was able to go to the baseball game with my grandson and walk around for the first time in a very long time instead of using my scooter after just 6 weeks in the Carda Health rehab program. My therapist, Haley, is great, she is the best part about the program.
Raina, 55
Current program
after 10 weeks
After my recent stent placement I felt apprehensive about exercising. I was unsure about what level of exertion would benefit me. Working with a Clinical Exercise Physiologist has been the answer. I’m confident that I’m moving at the right intensity and the sessions really keep me motivated.