How it works

Our digital programs are inspired by best in class traditional rehab.

We create a personalized plan for each patient, monitor them in real time as they exercise, and adjust based on vital signs and clinical input. Our flagship program is designed for patients who qualify for cardiac rehab but could also be effective for patients with other types of coronary artery disease and peripheral arterial disease.

The four pillars of cardiac rehab

Fun exercise programming designed by top rehab experts.
The exercise pillar of cardiac rehab
A colorful, modern take on established, heart healthy diet.
The nutritional pillar of cardiac rehab
Proven techniques to help patients manage stress effectively.
Stress management
The stress management pillar of cardiac rehab
Keeping track of medication is a pain. We help patients do it seamlessly.
Medication adherence
The medication adherence pillar of cardiac rehab

Highlights of the program

We allow our patients to complete rehab from home —reducing COVID exposure and inconvenient travel times.  

We enable patients to track their own data and progress, inspiring them to take charge of their health. 

We assign our patients a personalized health coach who guides and supports them through their journey.

We offer patients ongoing subscription access, leading to a lifetime of better health.

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