Carda for Health Systems

We are partnering with health systems to bring compassionate and engaging, rehab into the home

Carda Health extends and expands your existing rehab capabilities while maintaining and even increasing per patient reimbursement

Why Partner with Carda

Increase Revenue

  • Reach patients who never previously attended rehab (80% of qualifying patients)
  • Conveniently schedule patients at different levels into the same time slots
  • Optimize patient mix between in-center and remote access
Increase Profitability
  • Decrease attrition by removing long waitlists
  • Scalable staffing models
Hit Value Based Metrics
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Improve patient engagement and satisfaction
Improve the patient care journey
  • Reduce friction of in-center rehab
  • No parking or transportation issues
  • Maintain contact with patient throughout their journey

How it works

We send patients required technology

Patients are not required to own exercise equipment and we provide the requisite monitoring devices

We provide staff who can oversee patients or we can train yours

Our user friendly, HIPAA compliant platform monitors several patients at once

You schedule patients as in traditional in center rehab

Keep your traditional workflows around scheduling and billing which allows you to scale easily

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